FAQ Design Tips & product placement


1. What is the perfect height for a set of speaker stands?

A. The best height to have your stands is the size where the high frequency tweeter unit is level with your ear at your usual listening height.

2. What is the best size of platform for the speakers stands?

A. The size of the top platform where the speaker sits, is purely a cosmetic choice. We can match the profile or footprint of your speaker so you get a clean match or the speaker can overhang. 

3. Are speaker spikes a worthwhile option?

A. Yes, they are adjustable so that they give a perfect contact with the floor giving greater stabilty, which in turn gives greater efficiency of the driver unit, which is better control and sound reproduction. They also come with wooden floor protectors for hardwood and laminate floors.



One of the first steps is for you to measure each of your componets you want to place into the rack. It is also important to identify any component that generates excessive heat for design purposes.

Costs are always an issue. We at customspeakerstands.co.uk will always look at design criteria and offer you alternatives to reduce costs, if possible.

We always like to use solid hardwood timbers in our projects but we can also use quality veneered baords in certain circumstances.

The Audio Visual units you see on our pages have been expertly and thoughfully designed. Each customer has there own requirements for sizing and spacing, therefore we dont offer a standard size for these pieces, but a custom one, making each item unique.